Top Embroidery Equipment

If you like to sew and stitch clothes then you might want to think about getting an embroidery machine. Having an embroidery machine will not only make your work easier, it will also let you work a lot faster so that you can get a lot more clothes a lot sooner. You will want to get a reliable model, one that is easy to work with and has helpful features to it.

It is also a plus if the embroidery machine is cheaply priced and easily available. So for the ease of our readers, this article will be discussing some contestants for the best embroidery machine title.

First of all there is the Brother PE770 5 x 7 inch embroidery machine. This high tech embroidery machine will make stitching and sewing a lot easier for you. It has slots that can support both a memory card and also a USB memory stick. You can plug either one of these in and transfer designs that you want stitched into your clothes or just generally made. On top of that it even comes with over a 100 different types of embroidery designs already added to the system that you can choose from, and on top of that it has 6 different built in fonts that you can also use. This embroidery machine also comes with a large LCD screen so that you are able to make edits to the design.

Another great model is the Singer Futura XL 400. It can be connected directly to your computer and is extremely user friendly and easy to run. You also get a free software with this embroidery machine that lets you make different designs on the computer that you can directly upload to this machine. It also comes with a 125 designs built in to it that you can use.