The Absolute Best Way to Live in Toronto

If you’re looking to move into Toronto for the first time and are considering buying a house there, then we have one very solid piece of advice for you; don’t do it! Don’t get us wrong; moving into Toronto is a great idea but what we really advice against is getting a house there.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get a house; you see, the city of Toronto is such that houses that are at a convenient location are crazy expensive and if you look for a nice house in a neighbourhood a little far away, you’ll have to travel a lot every day.

Houses are inconvenient if you work in the city so that’s out of the question, but what about apartments? Apartments are in fact a great idea when it comes to living in a busy city, in terms of commuting distance at least. However, apartments have a set of disadvantages attached to them as well; they’re not yours at the end of the day. In the long run, apartments are pretty expensive, especially the good ones.

Now that we’ve crossed out two of the most obvious places to live anywhere, the question remains. Where does one go live if they move to Toronto? Funnily enough, the answer is a mix of both houses and apartments; what you’re looking for is a Social Condo to move into. There are many condo buildings scattered across Toronto, because of how popular and convenient they are to live in and there are more being built right now.

The best time to by a Social Condo is when it’s still in the works and then you can just move in like you’re getting a new house, which you are in a way.