TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy, which is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy, is a procedure that is based on using small electrical shocks to cure areas of the body of pain. The idea is that in small doses, electrical impulses can alleviate or at least reduce the pain that is felt in certain areas of the body. This is because the sensation cause by a small electric impulse releases a lot of endorphins in the body, which is the body’s own natural pain killer. The whole thing is done by placing electrodes on the part of the body that is feeling pain and then simply using the TENS unit to shock it a little and cure the pain.

The TENS unit, which was previously something that was available to medical doctors and psychologists, is not something you can get for home use, although not with the same power that a medical TENS unit would have. These units mostly run on regular store bought batteries and are very easy to use. About the size of a mobile phone, you connect the electrodes to the device with a wire and place the electrodes on the part of your body that is experiencing pain, and then simply switch the product on.

There are currently two leading makers of the TENS Unit for home use, the first is the icy hot smart relief unit, and the second is the Aleve direct therapy unit. Now as always, before you go and buy one you should check both the Aleve Direct Therapy and the icy hot smart relief review online and see how other users have reacted to them and which one is better rated. Both devices will have their own pros and cons and you might find one works better than the other one does for you.