Southern Fried Heaven

From all the different types of food that you can get from fast food restaurants, my absolute favourite has to be any variety of the southern fried chicken. Southern fried chicken is a sure shot way to make sure that your taste buds dance with delight as you fill yourself up with any number of southern fried chicken nuggets, drum sticks, burgers, poppers, individual pieces or whatever. The low crisp and extra juicy chicken style of deep frying poultry is one of the best food items that you can have on the go. Plus simply because of the sheer number of variety that you can get in the types of southern fried chicken make it a food item you can keep coming back to and enjoying over and over again. Now one of my favourite places to go to for whenever I am feeling like having some deep fried southern style chicken is Thirsty Bird. Thirsty Bird seems to have everything that goes well with deep fried chicken and also has an amazing recipe for their southern style fried chicken that just leaves you wanting more. It is also very easy to get where ever you are through the Thirsty Bird service where they will just get your order to you whether you call them to order or place your order online.

My own personal favourite things to get when I feel like ordering some Thirsty Bird is to firstly get the individual pieces of chicken with some sauce, depending on how many people there are or how hungry you are you can order more or less of the chicken pieces. Next I get some mash and gravy, some ghost chilli sauce and blue cheese sauce and finally I top it off with their yankee chicken burger to get a super meal.