Review: Big Boss 1300 Watt Air Fryer

There are many air fryers available in the market but is there any fryer out there which cooks two different meals at the same time? Well, Big Boss 1300 Watt Air is here to stay. In this article, we evaluate big boss 1300 Watt oil-less fryer review.

Big boss is a see through air fryer. You can see all its features and parts that make this powerful cook amazing. Imagine you have guests over and you wish to cook chicken and fries together. All you can do is add a tablespoon of oil to each of the items and set it to cook in the big boss air fryer.

While you spend some quality time with your guests, your food cooks on its own. All you have to do is serve the food in next 30 minutes. If you had a different air fryer at the moment, you would have cooked the chicken first and later the fries.

The process alone would have taken 1 hour and also the chicken would have turned soggy and cold until the fries were being cooked. One of the disadvantages of Big Boss 1300 Watt Air fryer is that it cooks food for fewer people.

The size of the air fryer is much smaller than an average air fryer. From the price point of view, it is better than many. The fryer also allows you to use halogen, infrared, and convection altogether and also separately.

Big Boss 1300 Watt uses less energy than other air fryers available in the market. The fryers usually climb up to 400 so the amount of energy used is super high when we speak of an average air fryer.

Air fryers are the way forward. Get your hands on the Big Boss 1300 Watt oil-less fryer and make amazing healthy food.