Repair Potholes With Protec Asphalt

Potholes are dangerous and need to be fixed as soon as possible if they’re present on a running road or a driveway. If not repaired earlier, these holes can be life threatening and can cost much more once they get worse.

Protec Asphalts can fix potholes of any size and shape. No matter how worse the situation has gotten, they’ll always assist you with guidelines and provide you with discounts if possible. You can contact Protec Asphalt for prices for pothole repairs in Perth.

There are two kinds of solutions to a pothole. They are full-depth patches and surface patches. Full-depth patch is a permanent solution. The process requires the contractor to dig deep into the hole until a firm support is found. The process usually consumes a lot of time. However, once found, the contractor can place a layer of asphalt on top to get the job done.

Surface patch is a temporary fix. The contractor fills in the asphalt in the hole without digging deep to find a firm support. The process results into covering the hole for a while. Within weeks, the asphalt would leave its place causing the same issue again. Such step is only taken if a permanent fix hasn’t been found or arranged.

Both the processes are helpful for whatever purpose they fulfill. However, both the jobs cost differently and consume different period of time. The full-depth patch can cost a lot more and takes a longer period of time to get their job done. However, the surface patch doesn’t require a lot of time or money.

You can get in contact with Protec Asphalt today and get a quote. Dial 0416 175 975 and get connected today and make your roads safe.