Mistakes You Should Avoid With Bluestacks

Bluestacks happens to be one of the best app players that are available on the Windows platform, while most of people use it just for playing Android games on a computer, there are ton of uses that you should actually know about. Apart from being able to play all the Android apps from Play Store as well as 3rd party sources, Bluestacks can also be used to test out the apps that are developed by developers, especially if they’re not in the possession of an Android device.

This is great and all, because it will allow you to know if there’s any issue with the app that you can debug and then go on with making it even better. Although the installation process of the software is pretty straight forward, some people tend to make some mistakes that can render their overall experience bad.

We’re going to take a look at how to avoid them.

Not Having Enough RAM

Although Bluestacks is actually very resource friendly, the Android emulation can take up your RAM very fast. That’s why a lot of tests that we have conducted showed that anything below 8 GB is actually not enough for the program to run properly, because the RAM will eventually be used. So, keep that in mind.

Mistaking It For a Full-Fledged Android Emulator

Another mistake that a lot of people make with Bluestacks is that they consider it a full-fledged replacement for a phone, and a software that can completely emulate the whole Android OS. However, that’s true, Bluestacks is nothing but an app player, and the whole purpose of this program is to let people use apps that they don’t really need a phone for, or want to use something on their computer instead of a phone.