Laundry Magnets

For all you people out there who love a new gadget, we have a new and cool way to wash clothes; by using magnets to wash clothes. It is called the magnetic laundry system and this process will mean that you will never have to use any chemicals or detergent to wash your clothes ever again.

The way this works is that a very strong set of magnets are placed in the washing machine. When the washing machine is full of clothes and water, the magnets are able to create a magnetic force so strong that it is able to change the surface tension of the water in the machine. Now for those of you wondering how this helps, detergents actually do the same thing to the water and that is how they are able to get rid of dirt and stains from your clothes. With the magnets you will be able to do this without actually having to use any detergent and will not have to expose your clothes to chemicals that can harm the fabric of the clothes making them weaker and duller.

The magnetic laundry system has been tested multiple times and has been proved to be very effective as it can remove dirt and stains just as well as detergents can but is much better for the clothing fabric and the clothes do not become worn out with each wash. To top it all off the laundry magnet is an environmentally friendly option as well as the chemicals that need to be made to create the detergents do not have to be made and the effects of it do not go out in to the world. The magnetic laundry system is a great new invention that can simplify the lives of a lot of people and make laundry easier.