Kinds of People Who Have The Tendencies to Develop Clinomania

The term Clinomania means desire or state of wanting to stay in bed all the time, which can be problematic for people who have work, children, family and other important things that demand their attention. Clinomaniacs are people who suffer from the condition of dysania and there are specific set of people who have the tendency of developing these conditions and we will be talking about those people so that they can prevent it from happening. If you are concerned for a relative or for someone who you think might be at a risk of developing it then you are in the right place just keep on reading ahead as we will be discussing the kind of people who have a higher probability of developing the condition. With that said, following are some of the kind of people who have the tendencies to develop clinomania disorder, check them out below.


For people who have suffered from any kind of addiction like drugs or alcohol, etc. are more prone to develop an unhealthy obsession with staying in bed all the time as well. So seeking aversive therapy for addiction will help in decreasing the likeliness of the person in developing clinomania disorder.


People who happen to possess or display characteristics of introversion are prone to develop the disorder or condition of clinomania. It has been proven through research that people who are introverts tend to require at least some time to recharge after having social interactions and their method of recharging is by sleeping which is why they are likely to be a target of clinomania.

Depressed Individuals

Another set of people who are known to have clinomania are people who suffer from depression disorders, because a classic sign of depression is fatigue and excessive desire to stay in bed.