How To Build A Log Cabin With Your Own Hands Without Any Professional Help

If you feel that you are not ready to build a log cabin on your own but still want a log cabin built according to your design then hire Log House to do the job. The company can build any type log cabin that you want and it is well-known for garden cabins. Log House offers already built log cabins or you can give them a design of your own and the team would make your dream log cabin into a reality.

However, if you think that you are skilled enough to construct a log cabin on your own then read our guide below which will give you brief information about each step of the construction.

Laying Down a Foundation

The first step is to lay down the foundation on which your log cabin would be built. An important point to remember is to not let piers or the foundation go above the frost line.

Set Down The First Logs

Next step is to set down the first set of logs as this set will provide a base.

Mount The Flooring

Now comes the part for which you need to have understanding of how sub flooring works. This step involves putting down the joist and floors of the cabin.

Join The Logs

In this step you will be joining the logs together and putting together the cabin.

Installing The Frame of The Roof

The next and important thing is to put down the frame of the roof and you can use different materials for it.

Connect Roofing Board or Sheath

After the above step, you will need to fix the roofing board offer the frame of the roof.

Install The Doors And Windows

The last but final step would be to install the doors and windows of your choice.