Home Gym 101: The Squat Rack

If you’ve decided to build your own gym at home, then you’ve made a fine choice which will benefit you and your family members for years to come. Home gyms don’t necessarily need all that heavy equipment that gyms have as a general rule, they just need a few accessories that you can use to exercise using mostly your own body weight. Some prime examples of the things an effective home gym should have includes pull up bars, benches and a squat rack, which is what we’re concerned with here.

A squat rack is a piece of gym equipment that holds an Olympic bar and weights, which you can place at an adjustable height so you can effectively hoist the bar on your shoulders and engage in squat exercises. Since there are weights and bars involved, the squat rack may take up more room that other pieces of equipment in your home gym but it is very important. Squats are very important in strengthening your glutes, which in turn play a role in keeping your posture right so you stand tall and straight.

If you’re new to doing squats then you might start using an unloaded bar or just without any weights of any sort but after a bit, you’ll have to challenge your glutes and quads using weights since these muscle groups already bear your body weight all the time and need more than then to be effectively worked out. Fortunately, squat racks come in many kinds and most of them have useful editions such as pull up bars and other equipment integrated in them. You can read about homemade squat racks and their many combo forms at Top10Perfect reviews. It’s always a good call to do a little research before buying!