Don’t Drive Your Car Unless You’ve Had These Done

There are quite a few rules of the road that you just have to follow if you want to be safe while driving and also if you want to keep yourself from getting into trouble with authorities. Not all of these rules revolve around not violating traffic signals and not parking where you’re told not to park; some of these rules are limited to you and the vehicle you drive.

In this article, we’ll tell you about three basic but very important things that you need to do to make sure that your car stays in top form and is safe for you to drive as well.

Brake Service

Your car’s brake pads and rotors take quite the beating when you apply brakes at high speeds. Your brakes are made to withstand this kind of a beating but as your car puts on more miles, your brakes grow weak to a point that they might fail you. This is why brake repair is very important when it comes to maintaining your car.

Oil Change

Your car’s engine oil is like its life blood only that it needs changing after some time. Oil not only lubricates the fast moving parts of the engine head, it also keeps the parts from heating up too much and melting, be distributing the engine’s heat. Old oil will slow your engine down, causing it to burn more fuel and take damage as well.


Maintaining your engine and all is important for good performance but ultimately all of the engine’s power and the brake’s force does to the tyres. Old and worn out tyres will compromise your braking power even if you got your brake repair done on time and also make it harder for your car to accelerate, which will in turn reduce your fuel efficiency as well.