Cultivating a Love For Nature

If you open your social media feed or the TV, you’re going to come across all kinds of sad and disturbing news. It could be on how another specie is now on the endangered list, how wildlife is getting destroyed, the rapid rate of deforestation or an oil spill that completely ruined the entire ecosystem of the affected area etc. Regardless of what it may be, it is safe to say that news now revolves around the damage we have done to nature and how we are now paying the price for it be it via global warming or natural disasters etc.

It is our responsibility to fix the mess we created in the first place. We all want to leave a better and safer world for our children, so the best time to take initiative is now. You start at the grassroots level, i.e. your home. You start by making smarter, more environmentally conscious decisions and then pass that on to your children. Children are receptive and can learn from you and your actions. You start out young by taking them outdoors on different kinds of trips and adventures. The purpose of them is not only to have fun, but also for them to realize the importance of nature because overtime they will learn to appreciate its beauty.

Get your children involved with not just parks, but safe forest zones, going swimming, snorkeling etc. so that they see nature in all its glory. Even if you get a pirates telescope and pretend to be pirates looking for mermaids or whales etc. you’re instilling a lot of important lessons in them. You can get your children to take part in initiatives with you, get them involved in these kind of activities at school etc. so that they grow up respecting nature and not make the same mistakes we made.