The Differences Between Refurbished And Repaired Phones

If you are someone who is aware of the used phone market, then it is safe to say that you have heard the “refurbished” and “repaired” term quite often. It is okay, we all have; I have seen many people associate these both terms with each other, and consider refurbished phones as bad as repaired phones, and vice versa.

However, it is important to know that there is a fair share of difference between both. For starters, if you find a refurbished iPhone 6s, there is a guarantee that it is better than a repaired iPhone 6s. Why? That is exactly what I am going to explain in this article.

Refurbished vs. Repaired

From a general point of view, it is important to understand that a refurbished phone is the phone that has been returned to the manufacturer under its official warranty period. It is then cleaned, and cleared of any defects and then it is resealed. The process is normally done by company officials in case of Apple, meaning if Apple is selling a refurbished iPhone 6s, it is going to be as good as a new iPhone 6s. In addition to that, phones that are refurbished also still have some amount of warranty left.

In comparison to the refurbished phones, the repaired phones often fall short of the brilliance, for starters, the phones are often repaired by people who are not authorized by the company. This mean that they get to use their own tools to open up a phone, and then further repair it. The repaired phones usually have no warranty with them, and if the phone has water proofing, the repair shops usually don’t apply the sealant back in order to keep the water proofing intact. Last but not the least, the repaired phones are usually without any proper warranty, so do keep that in mind.

True Real Time Maintenance Tracking

Working as an operations manager is not an easy thing; if it were easy everyone would do it, right? Operations management consultants make big money by providing solutions to businesses so that they can handle the daily proceedings of their businesses more effectively. The trick to doing this is simpler than you would think, however; you just have to be very vigilant and organised.

When it comes to things such as maintenance, time is of the essence and if things aren’t done on time, they’re only going to pile up to the point that everything’s in total chaos. If this is the kind of problem you’re having with your work or business then the reason behind it iss clear as day; you’re not as well organised as you think.

To counter this problem, you just need to make sure that you’re always on top of things and not the other way around. Using Microsoft excel to do this used to work but as things get more advanced, your management systems need to change as well. If you’re making notes of things on paper then that’s also a problem; you’ll forget or misplace them very fast. If you want to stay ahead of things then you’ll need to rely on a software system that will inform you of problems just as they happen, if not before. This way you’ll always be able to respond to them before the situation aggravates to a point where your operations are affected. A CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is what you need; this is the best facility management software and will keep you up to speed about all maintenance work even before it’s due so you can handle every situation without any delays.

Reasons You Should Use Tutuapp

If you’re a person who loves to download apps on your phone all the time, but don’t want to pay for the apps, a great way out is to use a 3rd party app store. For those who don’t know, these app stores are actually pretty common in the modern day and age. There are several reasons why people use 3rd party app stores, in many countries, the access to App Store or Play Store is limited, or not available at all, and in situations like this, having a 3rd party app store is a god send.

With that in mind, if you are looking for a 3rd party app store, you can check out Tutuapp, it’s a really good place to go for your app needs. We are also going to focus on the reasons you should use Tutuapp. Considering how it’s become pretty famous outside China as well.

You Need Cracked Apps
Cracked apps or hacked apps are actually very common in the phone world, these apps actually allow people to get access to some advanced features, or simply use them without paying for them. While many people actually condemn the use of these apps, a lot of people actually have no issues whatsoever when it comes to using these apps.

You Want to Find an Unpublished App
It’s happened a lot of times that an app that we actively use just gets unpublished from the Play Store for one reason or another. If you were using that app before it was taken down, and you still want it, the best way to do this is by simply making sure that you install a 3rd party store, and by doing that, you can go ahead and find that unpublished app, and start using it again.

Mistakes You Should Avoid With Bluestacks

Bluestacks happens to be one of the best app players that are available on the Windows platform, while most of people use it just for playing Android games on a computer, there are ton of uses that you should actually know about. Apart from being able to play all the Android apps from Play Store as well as 3rd party sources, Bluestacks can also be used to test out the apps that are developed by developers, especially if they’re not in the possession of an Android device.

This is great and all, because it will allow you to know if there’s any issue with the app that you can debug and then go on with making it even better. Although the installation process of the software is pretty straight forward, some people tend to make some mistakes that can render their overall experience bad.

We’re going to take a look at how to avoid them.

Not Having Enough RAM

Although Bluestacks is actually very resource friendly, the Android emulation can take up your RAM very fast. That’s why a lot of tests that we have conducted showed that anything below 8 GB is actually not enough for the program to run properly, because the RAM will eventually be used. So, keep that in mind.

Mistaking It For a Full-Fledged Android Emulator

Another mistake that a lot of people make with Bluestacks is that they consider it a full-fledged replacement for a phone, and a software that can completely emulate the whole Android OS. However, that’s true, Bluestacks is nothing but an app player, and the whole purpose of this program is to let people use apps that they don’t really need a phone for, or want to use something on their computer instead of a phone.

Walkie Talkie – The Two Way Radio

There are a number of situations where a walkie-talkie becomes an important tool, it is hand, easy to use and a great communication device, but this two way radio or transmitter becomes essential in a number of situations, and people who go out for camping, hunting or any other outdoor activity where there is little or no network coverage always keep walkie-talkies with them, with the number of options out there, it you are going out to buy one and you don’t really know much about the top brands and the prices, it will be a tricky decision, the options you have are in numbers and you should only choose from the best, one website which has helped me gain an idea about the top brands, price range and all the pros and cons about the particular model is

We always see security personnel, guards and even armed forces with these radios, these walkie-talkie have been there for many many years now but these are still used by the security personnel because of the advantage it gives to them, the communication is direct, quick and easy, the best models have a good coverage radius and it will surely cater to your outdoor requirements, number of channels might or might not be that important for you because it will depend on your requirement, apart from the number of channels the two most important things include battery life and range, a two way radio with a 16 to 18 mile range is considered ideal for normal use and it would suit perfectly for your outdoor requirements like hunting, trekking or any other outdoor activity where you want to take walkie-talkies.

Just have an idea about the best walkie talkies 2017 at TheZ9 before you head out to buy one.

How to Pick The Best DJ Mixer

Whenever someone sees a DJ mixer for the first time, the very first thought that comes to their mind is that these devices must be really confusing to work with. DJ mixers are basically boards with tons of different buttons and knobs on them, all of which allow the user to tweak and edit music in some way or the other. These devices have been in use ever since 1983, but ever since hip hop and digital music started to gain popularity in 2010, demand for these mixers has skyrocketed, from professional DJs to amateurs who like composing music, all of them are looking for devices that help them create their own music.

When shopping for a DJ mixer, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to make sure that you find a mixer that can completely fulfil your needs. DJ mixers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are loaded with excessive features that only a professional can make use of while others are pretty basic. One of the most important parts of any mixer is its media reader, modern mixers come with at least 2 turntables and CD players as well, but you can find some models that also have cassette players.

Another thing that you need to consider is the mixer’s weight, if you plan on moving your setup around often then be sure to get a mixer that isn’t extremely heavy. You can find out about the best DJ mixer this year in WhatIs180, a website that is loaded with useful information about a variety of electronic gadgets. Their reviews for the top ten best DJ mixers this year are bound to make the buying process easier for you and help you make a purchase that can keep you happy.

Wireless Routers: The Advantages

People not only use the internet to reconnect with other people around the globe, it has also become a medium of communication and a way to earn a living for many others. It also stands as a medium to start various movements and petitions as well. It is safe to say that the internet has evolved over the decades and now has become a necessity.

So, if you are looking to install a connection, you are probably debating between either having a modem with or without installing a wireless router as well. Many websites like WifiWijs rates various brands and models in case you are interested. However, this article will be focusing solely on wireless routers and their advantages.

The biggest advantage of wireless routers is as the name suggests, the lack of wires. This means you do not have to individually plug in every device that you have to the router. You are able to use all your devices at once as long as you are within the range of the router. So, you are able to use it at your own convenience.

You are able to move around your flat/house or workplace and sit or lie down any way you want and it will not hamper your connection in any way. As long as you are within its range, you are able to make use of the “portability” feature allowing some freedom of movement.

Wireless routers are actually the latest innovation. The use of wires is now considered outdated and is slowly becoming obsolete. So, there is no point in investing in them. Companies now focus on minimalism and convenience. Both of which are key features and advantages of wireless routers. If you happen to be interested in buying a wireless router but are not sure where to start, you can visit WifiWijs to look up different reviews.

Limitations of Assistive Technology For Patients With Dementia

For people who have been recently diagnosed with dementia or have trouble with people helping them out, there are a lot of other options that can help them in dealing with their own symptoms of dementia based on their requirement. Like for people who have symptoms of confusion, disorientation and loss of time, they can get a dementia clock which is a device specifically designed for people who have the above mentioned symptoms of dementia. However, even with technology on your side there can be a few limiting factors involved with them. So if you are considering getting assistive technology it is best that you check the benefits as well as the limitations or drawbacks before you invest a huge chunk of your money in it. Following are some of the limitations or drawbacks of assistive technology for patients with dementia, check them out below.

Batteries or Rechargin
While all of these assistive technologies are great, the one thing that they have as a major limiting factor is that all these devices function either by electricity or batteries and either of the things could happen either the person forget to change the batteries or the unplugs the devices accidentally and then forgets to power them back on and it can lead to a lot other problems especially for people who are living alone.

Recorded Messages Can Cause Confusion And Distress
While recorded messages are great for future reminder, they can also cause the patient to be distressed and highly confused state. Which can be a problem because they might not be able to go through reorientation which the device is exclusively designed for and have problems in recognizing their surroundings, which further causes anxiety and panic among the patients as well.

When You Have The Right Ink

When it comes to restocking your printer, learning that you picked out the incorrect ink and ink cartridge for you printer can switch your mood from pleasant to unpleasant. There are not many things that can really a hold a candle to the feeling of having unboxed a new box, ripping the package off and coming to terms with the frustration that is to come when you learn that the ink cartridge that you now hold in your hand looks absolutely nothing like the ink cartridge that you have in your printer.

These are some of the common mistakes that are often made when one has to purchase their first ink cartridge. There are a few things that you can take care of in order to avoid mishaps such as this. Keeping in mind certain things, there shouldn’t really be any valid reason that you can’t find yourself the best toner ink cartridges out there. If you were to take a bit more time to really learn the small prints of your printer than you will likely never have to face the frustration of purchasing the wrong toner ink cartridge.

One thing that you should really check out is the owner’s manual that you should have received when you purchased your printer. For one thing, nothing annoys the clerk more than when you don’t even know what you need. Regardless, to restock on ink you need a place to restock from. One such place to restock on toner ink cartridges for the people living down in New South Wales is to purchase from TonerInk, it’s practically in the name. You can visit their website at and to see if they can supply you with those best toner ink cartridges you were looking for.

Reasons You Should Hire a Professional PC Repairing Company

For those of you out there who happen to run into PC issues a lot and have zero knowledge whatsoever regarding technology and computers, then hiring a professional PC repairing company might be the most feasible option that you have. For Mac users getting their Mac repaired from the official channels of Apple is a long process and everyone tries to look for a shortcut or local PC repair companies that offer a quick service. Now if you are a Mac user and need to get your device repaired going to an Apple service center might be an absurd idea especially for those of you happen to have a lot of work that needs to be done on PC, that is precisely why people prefer to get their devices fixed locally. If you are still unsure about all of this then we would like to list down some of the reasons for which you should hire a PC repairing company or try to avail their services. If you are not aware of any such companies then we would like to tell you that PC Doctor carries out laptop repairs in Edinburgh and you can easily get in touch with them for minor or major PC repairing. Following are some of the reasons for which you should hire local PC repairing companies.

Quick And Easy Process

Unlike the official channels through which you claim your warranty and get your PC repaired, the local ones have contracts with the tech giants and expedite the process of PC repairing and claiming warranties. Of course, this cannot be done if you go without a middleman. Also, if there are minor things that need to be repaired then you really don’t need to notify the officials and can get it done locally.

3 Excellent Soundbars You Can Get Today Right Now

This article is just a listing of the 3 best soundbars you can go ahead and buy today right now. If you have been looking everywhere for a concise and laconic listing, then here you have it. We will share with you why each one of these 3 picks is a good option, so you can see the bigger picture and see if you really want to get it.

#1 – Sony HT-NT5:

Sony is known for crafting very good products in almost all areas of electronics, and when it comes to top soundbars their name is also very popular and a clear synonym of high quality. If you want to enjoy of a product which is guaranteed to offer you a superior quality of sound, then you need to get this one.

Its sound is very clear and powerful, which means its performance will leave you in awe and very surprised. Its price is a bit expensive at almost $650, but it’s a very good pick overall.

#2 – Razer Leviathan:

If you are looking for something especially designed for gaming, then here you have the Razer Leviathan. This amazing soundbar which will cost you less than 200 bucks is all you need to put your gaming experience into the next stage, because it’s been especially designed for gamers like you who need an HQ audio. The experience you will get with this will be totally different and definitively better.

#3 – Sonos Playbase:

And finally here we have the Sonos Playbase. This amazing soundbar offers an excellent performance in almost all cases. All you need to do is to plug it in and you will enjoy of a great performance.

The quality of the sound is superb and exquisite, take it for granted.