Best Prank Ever

All of us are always looking for a prank. Be it on an April fool’s day or a birthday party. The Prank Candles have changed the face of pranks in this modern world by coming out with the most hilarious and yet basic pranks.

Their line of products involves pranks in the form of candles, empty boxes etc. The candles are very much real. They are basic layered candles that would smell like vanilla 50% and next 50% like watermelon. The only difference is that this company was the first one to initiate with the prank candles.

All they did was use the basic technique to come out with awful scents that were layered underneath amazing scents for cover up. All you need to do is visit their website and pick a candle for $14.99 and give them a name and an address. You can pay online through your credit card and you are good to go.

Now you can just sit back and relax and think of someone getting pranked somewhere. You can like their official Facebook page at and also their official Instagram page at and stay updated with the hilarious pranks ever.

There is a discount going on their website. Hurry up and avail the offer before it lasts. You can also sing up for their promotional letters by entering your email address on the lower bottom tab and you will be added to their contact list.

For any queries, you can visit their FAQ section on their website. Do you still have a problem? Get in touch with a customer representative as they will guide you through your queries or delivery issues. Prank Candles loves their customers and gives great importance to customer care.