The Orchid

Introducing the fastest and most power efficient miner for any scrypt based coin

  • 60 MH/s Hash-rate
  • 1.8W/MH/s power consumption
  • 1U rack mountable and data-center ready
  • Mines all Scrypt proof-of-work and Scrypt-N coins

Professional Design

Stunningly modest design and a metal enclosure protect the bleeding edge components.


Ethernet and USB connectivity makes it easy for anyone from beginners to server admins to setup and maintain.

Excellence through experience

“EnSilica’s expertise in low-power algorithm and ASIC physical design makes them the ideal partner to architect and develop our first generation of Scrypt mining ASIC” said Brock Huxtable CEO of Flower Technology Inc. “The UK and India based IC design company founded in 2001 has world class expertise and IP that we will leverage to disrupt the Scrypt ASIC miner market” added Brock.

Commitment to Success

Industry leadership combines with bleeding edge research and development to create a team built on passion and integrity.